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February - 2011 - issue > Buyers Perspective

DoAttend: A One Stop Solution for Event Managers

Hari Anil
Monday, February 7, 2011
Hari Anil
How did you come up with this concept?
DoAttend is an online event registration platform that allows any event manager to go online, create his own event page, set up ticketing and invite people to buy tickets for the events. Based on This is based on the SaaS model. This helps the event managers a lot as they need to pay us only when they want to sell their tickets online, so if they are doing a free event then the product is also free. This product is also sold across the world. Though for majority of our products, the foreign market is fairly large since it pickups faster than the domestic market; this particular product did very well in India. We have customers like
NASSCOM, Python and many more who are using this it. DoAttend has got a lot of traction in India and it has given us more visibility in the technology product market.

How do you compete with other contenders in the events field?
There are very few players in this field. What sets us apart from the competitors is the product’s interface and ease of use. That helped us to manage and bring in big customers like NASSCOM who do really large events. We are very strong with user interfaces and making a product clean and easy to use. If you look at the website of the product or any event page for that matter you will immediately see the difference compared to a competitor’s site.
Are you building up mobile interface for your consumer end?

Right now we support iPhone and iPad, where one can go through the browser, type the same url and you will have a iPhone and iPad ready version available. We are the first in the industry to go to this end to make the attendee process available on multiple devices.

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