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Demansol: On a fast track growth in mobile app market

ST Team
Sunday, January 15, 2012
ST Team
Currently mobile technologies are on the express track of growth. iOS started a revolution in the space and now this is being spread even further by Android. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, the demand for new apps and games are also increasing. The way Angry Birds dominated the industry and the number of downloads it had is an example of this. Consumers are now demanding apps for most of their needs. Mobile is fast becoming the new laptop. Tablet has given the opportunity to take magazine and education off paper and has given them a new scope and dimension. Now there are many who read magazines on their tablets, and parents and schools use this to better education.

Found by Deepak Demiwal and Adeesh Jain, Demansol, is an iPhone game and app development firms based out of Bangalore, has developed more than 150 apps and games so far. The company has clients around the world and helps them with app, game and website development. Its product portfolio includes games, educational apps, digital magazines, sports apps, puzzles, Facebook apps, live video streaming, fashion, music, celebrities, creative designer, photography, and more. With several products in top 100 app/games on Apple appstore the company has done well in the industry, an enormous feet for a company that is only two years old.

"Great Success of our in house product gives us flexibility to choose client projects that we really think is challenging. We as a company are not taking up client projects just to make revenue; we take it when we know we can create a great product for them," says Demiwal, CEO, Demansol. The company’s business model flaunts of 70 percent in house products and 30 percent client products and has hardly faced any rejection from clients post proposal. "We have multiple year contract with couple of clients and in house games and apps have been doing great, we have more than 3 million downloads of our products, and we are not competing with anyone," he adds.

In the heart of the company lies a young, passionate and extremely talented team as it favors ability over experience. Every employee enjoys flexible timings, anytime vacations, and choice of project. Employees are always encouraged to learn new technologies or gaming engines. The company believes that to have fun is as important as any other part of the job and for this it organizes events to keep each and everyone entertained. Also awards and prizes are given every month for best app developed to keep employees motivated.

"A great product can only be made if team making the product loves it. Here in Demansol each and every employee has freedom to develop games and app that they feel is good and will increase their knowledge," says Demiwal. The company lets its developers chooses team they want to work with and then chooses their deadlines because it understand that creating a good product is important rather than putting pressure on employee to make them do something that they don’t like.

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