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DCR Workforce: A Pantheon of Contingent Workforce Management Realm

si Team
Monday, May 30, 2016
si Team
As a nontraditional workforce, the concept of contingent labor is no more a mere elixir for the tough economic times, but anintrinsic ingredient of the modern staffing agenda. Be it flexibility or the cost, this strategy indeed benefits the organizations in several ways; but managing, streamlining and optimizing this dynamic ecosystem is not as rosy as it sounds. But have you ever considered cloud computing as a solution? If so, then DCR Workforce's technology platoon is your ideal partner who backs you in implementing knowledge and innovations effectively. Founded by technopreneurs Naveen Dua(Sr. Vice President-Practice Development) and Ammu Warrier (Co-Founder & President), this certified minority and woman-owned company has broken all business stereotypes and is a leading service provider of contingent workforce management and service procurement solutions.

The Elixir

"We are a part of today's disruption. We are probably the first to offer gamification and individual acquisition level. Encroaching on the future that is largely marked by software on the cloud as a service, we have a big pocket in change management, adoption and inclusion," the congruence in the voices of Ammu and Neha Goel(Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Solutions) perhaps sums up company's proven craftsmanship. Thriving on a scalable cloud-based infrastructure and keeping customers as its paramount axiom, the end-to-end, agile, flexible, customizable and constructive offerings of DCR reflect a fine amalgamation of knowledge, creativity, global best practices, technology and accurate integration of applications. More than all of that, the solutions require minimal knowledge and leverage simplicity.From talent acquisition to effective management of a non-employee workforce, every complexities of business of all sizes are taken care of.

"We believe in being reflective and responsive towards our customers' needs and provide fresh and agile solutions," adds Neha. Its SaaS-based Vendor Management System (VMS) named Smart Track is a finest example for the same. With predictive analytics, this unified platform empowers its clients to make informed decisions using right data, cut the cost and streamline business, while DCR's stringent policies-based global data protection program ensure security and compliance. The same experience can also be procured from Smart Track mobile-app. Besides, the company is also highly recognized for its Smart Track xCHANGE - a social sourcing community - and Statement of Work (SOW) solutions that aid a better contract lifecycle management and technical services that support the solutions. The company recently launched Smart Track's Match Index Intelligence, which is equipped with the new-gen parameters like machine learning, natural language processing and algorithmic hiring.

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