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Crack it at the Right Time

Christo Jacob
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Christo Jacob
In the startup world there is a common saying, “You can either mine for gold or you can sell tools that miners need to mine for gold.” The irony is that the miners are not the ones who became rich, but tycoons like Levi Strauss and Samuel Brannan who sold jeans, shovels and pickaxes during the California Gold rush of 1848. Today there are only very few like Levi Strauss and Samuel Brannan to identify the right opportunity at right time and make the right decision to make it big.
This issue, we have tried to identify few such entrepreneurs - Asoke K. Laha, CEO of InterraIT, Rahul Chawla, CEO of In4Velocity, Vishal Chhawchharia, CEO of HiddenBrains and Magzter Co-Founder Vijaykumar Radhakrishnan who tried their best to identify right opportunity at right time and aspire to be big. On the cover, we present you the story of Asoke K. Laha, Founder, President & CEO of InterraIT, a provider of end to end life cycle solutions and services and the man behind the company's success. With the secret ingredient 'Passion', he built the company from the ground up and took it to a position where it is today a known name in the mobility and supply chain management domain.
We have the compelling stories of how they conceptualized their product and why they can solve many pain points in the market. While Rahul found that there is a need for solution providers, who can organize business processes for the optimum use of resources in real estate industry, Vishal is steering a host of enterprises towards their true potential in the web and mobility space by understanding the importance of the link between mobility and business acumen. Moreover, Vijaykumar got the idea to incept Magzter while his friend in Singapore faced difficulties to read his favorite Tamil magazine and joined hands with Girish Ramdas to recognize the true potential of a digital newsstand. For all these entrepreneurs, they looked around for a pain point that needs a true solution at the right time.
This issue is a compendium of such entrepreneurs for our readers to learn from them to know more about how to hit the bull’s eye at the right time, which is very critical. A person to know hit at the right time will make it big.

Please do let us know what you think.

Christo Jacob
Managing Editor

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