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February - 2010 - issue > CEO Spotlight

Cost-effective IT strategies to drive growth momentum

Promod Sharma
Monday, February 1, 2010
Promod Sharma
The current hesitations towards using public cloud services as storage will subside, cloud computing will become a norm both in the internet and the intranet, and it will likely be a key factor to drive industry growth. There is hesitancy over security concerns with cloud computing services. The cost effectiveness of shifting data to the cloud instead of maintaining the existing different machine architectures, will help the concept of cloud computing to gain ground as security issues are resolved.

The parallel emphasis on cyber security will also thrive, with the U.S. introducing security experts like the Cyber Czar to scout for new measures to mitigate savvy hackers. This will foster the faith of businesses, making them more willing to shift their data to the cloud.

Data management is a hot IT trend. Today there are an estimated 35 billion devices connected to the internet worldwide . The combined forces of security and data management are particularly significant in the healthcare sector given the huge amounts of electronic, personalized data.floating on the web. This bring the opportunity to channelize the data management process. This implies an easy access to every individual’s health data without the data being misused.

Cost efficiency also redirects companies to be more energy efficient and rapid adoption of green IT solutions will continue. For example, the shift toward replacing several racks of servers with one HPC platform is gaining ground.

The new entrepreneurs in the industry confront a lot of challenges, including the pressures to find the right people at the right bill rate. In the current environment of low budgets the industry will be looking for ways to drive down administrative costs and automate key processes. Industry consolidation is one way for firms to see an increase in the amount of M&A activity. 2010 should be a good year for IT companies and I believe the most significant growth will be in the 3rd quarter.

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