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Controlling multiple devices is the Biggest Challenge

Karunakar. K
CIO-Global Green Company
Friday, March 1, 2013
Karunakar. K
Bangalore based Global Green Company, is the foods division of the $4 billion Avantha Group. It is a multinational food company with presence across the retail, food service and industrial segments.

Technology has evolved perpetually and we have witnessed varied and notable contrivances. From Cloud to BYoD, and BIG data, the list is endless. The industry we are operating in is closely associated to rural areas and it is imperative from business perspective to have meticulous and prompt access to information to delineate business plans accordingly. We are working towards channeling technology to rural areas by deploying android based devices such as smartphones, tablets, electronic weighing machines and so forth so that information gets easily updated on the server and is accessible as and when required.

EDI or electronic data interchange is becoming a huge trend now. It is a new technology and is not so congruous in India compared to rest of the world especially U.S. However the country is adapting to new developments in technology and I believe EDI will soon be an integral part of the industry.

As a CIO, I had dedicated the last few years to implementation and SAP and ERP. The integration has been successful and my foremost priorities are analytics of data generated from these softwares. The second priority on our agenda is to integrate cloud into the system and use cloud based solutions to track the data and backups stored in cloud.

Organizations need to protect their Data Themselves

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