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June - 2006 - issue > Company Profile

Coding for the Carriers

Mohammed Shariff
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Mohammed Shariff
Take this. The number of Indians owning a feature rich mobile phones like BlackBerry and HP iPaq is surging very fast. PDAs like these literally help you carry your office along. With the ease of email, Internet, and an entire gamut of software enabled functions; PDAs have become an important part of life.

Now take this. You lose your PDA. What would you do? Lodge a complaint with the police and wait till the phone is restored to you? Smart Work. Call your operator to disable the phone. How about the data stored on the PDA? Losing any data could be disastrous. How can one retrieve all the data saved in the phone?

Retrieving data saved in your phone on air is next to impossible. Telephone signals that run your phone cannot rescue you and your operator is helpless. However realizing massive market potential in data retrieval, operators across the world have begun deploying technology that makes data accessing data in lost phones possible. One of the companies enabling these functions is New Jersey based mFormation Technologies, a mobile device management solutions company.

With a development center in Bangalore, the company has enabled operators to increase their revenue by offering value added services like emails, picture and video messaging, enhanced graphics and Internet capabilities. “Mobile phones have become an essential part of people’s communication needs,” says Bhaskar Sharma, Country Manager and Director of India Operations, mFormation.

Sharma says the Bangalore development center, that celebrated its first year in May, is involved in the whole product life cycle starting from architecture and high level design to implementation, testing, quality assurance, bug fixes and customization based on specific requirements of the customers. Engineers here have been developing solutions that help operators like the world’s biggest wireless carrier Vodafone and scores of other large, medium and smaller operators to be more customers responsive and in turn take up more challenges to enhance their services.

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