Cloud-like Automation of Enterprise Datacenters

Arun Kanchi
CIO-Arista Networks
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Arun Kanchi
Software-based network provisioning tools are no longer only used and enjoyed by large-scalecloud operators and service providers. CIOs of mid to large enterprises are also now looking for tools to help them better manage their network infrastructure. With Software Defined Net working (SDN) gaining higher momentum in enterprise network infrastructure, CIOs need ways to easily provision and enable cloud-like automation in their datacenters to rapidly respond to changing business landscape.There are just too many devices to care for each one manually.

With software-based network provisioning tools, automation can be extended to the network layer, where complex topologies can be configured once and then rolled out on the fly as needed. Intelligent systems architectures can balance the load among physical and virtual resources, bringing networks and systems online or offline as enterprise demand dictates.

However, unlike in the case of large cloud providers who have built their own custom software tools or invested in proprietary tools, the criteria for selecting a suitable software-based network provisioning tool for enterprises is a bit different. The top 3 such criteria to be considered are discussed below:

1. Support for open-standards-based protocols
2. Integration with other datacenter software tools such as an IT ticketing systems and network monitoring tools
3. Provision and support for implementing IT General Controls

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