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Cazaayan: Providing Contextual Real-time Information at your Finger Tips

Dylan D'Souza
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Dylan D'Souza
Two years ago, when 3G networks were being developed for mobile devices, most people were still using the low bandwidth 2G networks. At the same point, Hari Nair, Manas Dutta and Yogesh Gowda witnessed the revelation on mobility and html5. It was at this point, the co-founders of Cazaayan developed RIWA Gateway and mCube framework to support their customers to acquire the business information that matters to them the most, access it whenever they need it, across tablets, Smartphone or PC's.

Started in 2012, Cazaayan was initiated with a deep focus on mobility, enable Enterprises leverage unique mobility characteristics RIWA Gateway, the proprietary, patent-pending, real-time interface for web applications was launched with the latest HTML5 Websocket technology in India. The product provides its customers real time data without any embedded information in their browser to stay ahead of their competitors and make better business decisions. The company has also presented its customers, secured messaging as a product via their mCube framework.

The marquee customer base is one of the biggest assets to the one and a half year old company. The company works with industry heavy weights such as Bombay Stock Exchange, Central Depository Services (India) Limited, ICICI and four other companies Delivering unique value additions with all of its products has been a key to Cazaayan's success. Understanding the client’s requirements, building solutions and on-time deliveries to the clients, has been another key point to its success. By implementing new and emerging technologies, the company is able to deliver the products to the customers in a much shorter time than expected and the company acknowledges that innovating new technologies is a very important aspect to its success, Cazaayan continues to invest in these new technologies to try and find out their unique attributes and which can enhance their innovation.

In order to deliver products quickly the company has a work culture which is very flexible but dedicated at the same time. With large Public Institutions and large financial Institutions, running mission critical applications as their customers, two products and various customizations the small team of employees working overlap each other in some way or the other and contribute to their success Cazaayan aims to increase its own infrastructure and resources in order to better service their customers and move ahead than all its competitors in the mobility space.

The company has started to invest heavily in building good IP ranges on their mobility platforms and also plans to present its customer more add-on information which may help its customers make better business decisions. While deciding not to focus only on capital markets, the company in order to expand its customer base and has started to look at other verticals. With a mission, to create products and solutions that help their customers win and their employees excel in this information age, Cazaayan hopes to achieve its vision which is to help create a world that is future ready with unlimited and instant access to information.

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