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Canvas Infotech Inc: One-stop Source for Streaming Supplemental Staffing

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team
In today's competitive business environment, along with developing faster and better solutions, companies are seeking for potential candidates for the rapid growth of the organization. The best employees are leagues beyond people who just show up for work every day. Organizations want to be confident that they are doing business with proficient personnel who can deliver results in a timely manner meeting the organizations' needs. But, mostly the firms are hit with the trouble of finding the accurate candidates holding certification in their area of expertise. Also, the tedious hiring process is often time-consuming and expensive. Fremont-based Canvas Infotech Inc. helps organizations find niche-skilled staff like business analysts, quality analysts, project managers, data analysts, and other technical consultants along with providing appropriate certifications. We want to share the IT knowledge that we have gained over the years. Along with providing careers to many, Canvas Infotech Inc. today offers its clients temporary and permanent staffing, says Alok Bhatia, CEO and President of Canvas Infotech Inc.

According to Bhatia, supplemental staffing is a cost-effective approach to quickly augment an organization's staff with precise skills for a specified period. In addition to increasing technical breadth, Canvas Infotech Inc. provides supplemental staffing that can help clients by freeing internal resources from the time-consuming hiring process of advertising, screening, and verifying credentials. When they fulfill the specific job requirements and fit well within a team, the organization can promote consultants from temporary to permanent employees.

The company's information technology staffing and business process outsourcing services deliver quality people and optimize business processes through a blend of on-site and offshore engagements for start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies. They present clients with consultants for the durations of the project and provide full-time and permanent jobs. Currently, Canvas Infotech Inc. is working with over 50 direct clients all over the U.S., including Whirlpool Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, Epstein, Touch commerce, to fill their full-time jobs.

Apart from assisting a candidate get ready for his next promotion and get an edge over the competition, by providing the best certifications like PMP, CSM, CSPO, ITIL, the company is getting into a lot more new certifications and trainings. They are offering new curriculum like scaled agile framework (SAFE), Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP), Android Automation Testing, VB scripting, to name a few. These will be open to all professionals irrelevant of their backgrounds. Bhatia and his team has a vast industry experience that crosses many vertical markets like Retail, automobile, commercial/federal financial management, health care, financial services, and mortgage banking in Bay Area and beyond.

The company has recently become an approved vendor of Facebook for all technical and functional CTC (Corp To Corp) jobs. Our consultants are trained to interact with onshore and offshore teams. They travel to meet cross-functional teams around the globe during their projects, adds Bhatia. Canvas Infotech Inc. consultants have been involved in planning and implementing of new software and applications growth in the industry for companies like Facebook, Apple, Wells Fargo, Google, and Bank of the West.

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