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CandorWorks: Adding Value to Customers Tirelessly

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Gone are the days when 'Entrepreneur Hats' were worn by yester generation businessmen. Today, we see a new breed of tech savvy entrepreneurs coming up with mind boggling innovations catering to specific group of customers which calls for targeted marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns. These young enthusiasts are though profound in technology; they lack in-depth knowledge about marketing and lead conversion. This causes a huge gap which takes their business to a down-turn. Filling this gigantic gap is CandorWorks, a lead lifecycle management company that is born with the objective of dramatically improving the ROI of B2B organizations by making customer acquisition as easy as possible. Since the customer acquisition geniuses are keen on securing long-term relationships with customers, they don't hesitate to say NO when they have a minor doubt that they will not be able to add value.

Amidst other companies that thrive within a small domain of lead generation, the Pune-headquartered company thinks outside the circle to masters the art of managing leads by qualifying and nurturing them. Not all the leads can be the perfect come-and-take-my-order type. The company qualifies the warm leads that are truly interested, yet not ready to convert into hot leads, through proper education and nurturing. It also weeds out the leads that can never be customers from those who have the propensity to buy the solution; so the sales team won't fritter away their valuable time and effort by chasing those leads.

The Innovative Solutions

CandorWorks provides special intelligence to get the pulse of the prospect before making that critical first sales call. The company also provides services structured around unique requirements of its customers. CandorWorks has patronage of some of the fastest growing technology companies that challenge industry leaders with their disruptive & innovative solutions. With deep understanding of market dynamics, CandorWorks has created a formidable position in IT Security and Cloud/SaaS space. "We don't work with Fortune 500 or very large enterprises. Our sweet spot is in between companies that are 50 to 1,500 people strong," says Manish Kothari, VP - Sales, CandorWorks.

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