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Prashant Khemka, COO, Robosoft Solution
Monday, February 18, 2019
Prashant Khemka, COO, Robosoft Solution
Headquartered in Mumbai, Robosoft Solutions is a leading global IT consulting firm delivering business solution including Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Office 365. With over 17+ years of expertise, the company has helped 325+ clients globally.

Last week I was at a Microsoft Conference and was amazed to see how the technology world is transforming into a digital world. And this phenomenon is also touching the Enterprise Resource Planning software of the world. The actual benefits/ROI of any ERP implementation is to get the data/information for analytics which facilitates the decision making in the right direction and at the right time. With the introduction of Hybrid cloud ERP, this will transform the way traditional ERP software are being used and implemented.

Traditionally, the purpose of ERP was to capture the transactional data of the organization in the structured way. We original started from capturing financial data and extrapolated into various departmental data into a single platform or software. But as the name suggests �Enterprise Resource Planning;, we never talked about using the ERP for planning an organization�s resources such as material, manpower, machines, tools, equipment and so on. Our primary focus was to capture data into ERP which should give us reports � Management Information System. Then the introduction of Business Intelligent software happened to the world which enabled the use of analytics and planning in day-to-day decision making.

And with artificial intelligence, the ERP will start suggesting the right strategy or solution to the given problem area, thereby enabling the users/management to take instant decisions. In order to get the ROI of the ERP, an organization implements & integrates an ERP with multiple business application such as Business Intelligence, reporting software, document management systems, and other software tools.

The Various Challenges Being Faced with the Above Scenario:

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