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Business today: Are we ready for Gen C?

Indraneel Ganguli
Thursday, October 6, 2011
 Indraneel Ganguli
Much has been made of Generation Connected: It demands this; buys that; and aspires for those. For a company like Mahindra Satyam, understanding the needs and aspirations of this generation, is the key to success in a rapidly changing IT industry. Although, diverse and complex, Gen C’s behavior exhibits three common traits--it is Continuous, Changing, and always Converging.

Gen C is continuous and growing. Consider these facts average annual Internet-user growth rates, have exceeded 20 percent over the past decade. And online shopping is edging out stores in the developed world—while total U.S. consumer sales grew by 6.8 percent in 2004; online consumer sales grew by 26 percent. Are we ready to do business the Gen C way?

It is driving change and creating a new social order. The recent surge in tweets and traffic through social media is dramatically changing the way we consume and spread information. The “Arab Spring,” for example, was catalyzed and sustained by Twitter and other social media platforms. On the home front, social media is helping drive India’s movement against corruption.

It is fast-forwarding convergence. Online social platforms are quickly converging to provide multiple social tools. By launching Google+, for example, Google now provides a fully comprehensive online social experience. The addition of Google’s new, much-hyped social platform to the company’s traditional offerings – email, voice calling, and gchat – threatens to further blur the distinction between the social and professional spheres. The consequences are enormous. As this convergence spreads to the workplace, organizations in order to be truly collaborative, effective and efficient must integrate and embrace the online platforms that Gen C so enthusiastically utilizes.

Corporations should also be ready to harness Enterprise Mobility and make business applications accessible on the go. Devices such as the iPhone, have impacted the business world, through new technology and services and by improving productivity and communication. Access to information is now uninterrupted –-a dramatic development for traveling sales and marketing teams.

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