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Bruce Clay: Legendary Agency Crafting Successful Methodologies &Tools Using Decades of R&D

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
With an unprecedented digital upswing, organizations nowadays are reserving up to 20 percent of marketing budget for digital space. The ensuing result is a highly fragmented market with loads of small players and freelancers striving for their piece of the pie.Meanwhile, giant players endeavour to sustain their clients by acquiring small players to bring aboard their digital expertise and blend itwith entire gamut of traditional offering.However, most of them fail devoid of proper training, since their knowledge comes from forums, trends and their own experiments. Standing heads and shoulders above the rest, with decades of richly-deserved knowledge is Bruce Clay, Inc. - aGlobal Internet Marketing Solutions Provider. The Gurgaon-based company with its headquarters in California, established itself as a legendary denizen of digital realm,especially in SEO and PPC,since 1996, much before Google was launched.

Illustrious Father of SEO

Honing skills with immense R&D has not just enriched Bruce Clay's portfolio with successful methodologies, but with its own tool - SEOToolSet, a unique advantage only a handful of agencies around the world can boast of.Raising the bar higher for itself with every project enabled the company to spread with multiple offices across U.S., Europe, Japan & Brazil and enter in to the Indian market in 2009. The founder Bruce Clay, fondly known as the founding father of SEO as well as the company, has been honoured with countless prestigious awards including a life time achievement award.

SEOToolSet and PPCToolSet- Accomplishing Humanely Impossible Tasks

"Being a moving target, Google constantly fortifies itself to nullify the shortcuts taken by black hat SEO providers. Our highly-ethical Internet Marketing Optimization services including SEO, Google Advertisement Management, CRO, PPC, SEO-based Web Design and Social Media services leverage SEOToolSet and PPCToolSet to painlessly accomplish humanely impossible tasks," says Siddharth Lal, Managing Director, Bruce Clay India.For instance, it constantly and intelligently chases bids on Google ads to reduce client's cost per click by up to 30 percent. Likewise, SEOToolSet's Multi Page Analyzer analyses top competitors' websites to figure out the digital footprint that Google rewards the most; thereby enabling a better digital footprint for client's website.

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