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Bloggers' Mind: Mining Interaction & Building Perception (Need to put the quote from the Chairman that they will share over email)

Rashmisree Deb
Friday, April 10, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Considered as the heart of social media industry, analytics has become a potent instrument to understand the attitude and preferences of customers across a myriad of online sources. Now a day, businesses are taking the help of several tools to gain insight into the psyche of their consumers, but there are very few which do the job of giving a desired result. Also, the algorithms and logic flow behind some of the best tools are flawed that raises a big question on authenticity of the data. Sensing the same, Bloggers' Mind came into existence in the year 2007. Founded by Songita Banerjee � a seasoned communications specialist and a social media consultant with vast experience across varied verticals � Bloggers' Mind is a social media analytics company that monitors, measures and analyzes the social media arena and factors that influence this medium for brands. "We are a 'digital lab' and we function like a factory from taking the brief, building the plan, launching the campaign, amplifying it across networks to generating real time intelligence & reports," says Songita, Founder & CEO, Bloggers' Mind.

Since inception, Bloggers' Mind works closely with brands by understanding their business challenges, diving deep into the stream of online conversations to gauge what consumers are discussing, analyzing current perception and proposing a holistic digital strategy that is executed across social media digital platforms. "Our position has always been of a holistic analytics and word of mouth agency. We believe in following a practice that's driven by 'Listen, Analyze, Engage and Influence'. We work with some of the leading brands in consumer tech and lifestyle space," she adds. Today, Bloggers' Mind is a digital analytics and word of mouth marketing company with expertise in social media, digital marketing, advocacy and public relations.

Bloggers' Mind walks the talk by providing its clients a plethora of services that includes building communities & nurturing consumers to become their advocates; managing reputation for brands; co-creating ideas & collaborating with bloggers, influencers & the community to generate conversation; conceptualizing & executing ideas that instigate people to join the conversation & share amongst their peers and helping brands generate positive stories through product trials & advocacy workshops. Bloggers' Mind builds high outreach for brands by providing a centralized lab environment and optimizing campaigns across networks. The company has entered into a partnership with India's largest Wi-Fi service provider, Ozone Networks. This will act highly complementary to Bloggers' Mind, as it will allow the company to use an exclusive location centric ad platform network with 42 million average footfall across 1500 locations for launching targeted campaigns.

Bloggers' Mind was born with an in-built passion to build solutions that provide authentic and actionable insights to brands assist them in creating unique campaigns that are high on engagement and churn a lot of consumer feedback & interaction. Constant innovation and cutting-edge products/solutions has made the company a horse of a different color. Recently, Bloggers' Mind has entered into a partnership with leading public wifi companies like Ozone Networks, India's largest public Wi-Fi company and Speed Fetch, World's fastest download app. Counting many more success in its path, Bloggers' Mind envision to become 'one solution company' that includes digital lab with campaigns, analytics, ad platforms and influencer ranking standard under one roof.

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