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Beyond Simple Reporting

Dheeraj Nallagatla
CEO-Nalgan Technologies
Sunday, November 4, 2012
Dheeraj Nallagatla
With the growing competition, every enterprise is critical about its business data and these days business intelligence is getting into the DNA of many of enterprises. Nalgan Technologies is a technology firm which specializes in designing BI solutions for businesses in Asia Pacific and North America, changing the way they look at their data. Founded by Dheeraj Nallagatla in 2009, the California based firm is focused on delivering unique, client-centric, end-to-end Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence solutions and specializes in BI, Cloud BI, Mobile BI and Offshore BI. Dheeraj Nallagatla shares his views and talks about how business intelligence market is transforming.

Investment on software and technology in India :

India is a strong and emerging market with a strong GDP growth rate. It is important for small and medium businesses to invest on software to run their operations. With "mobile" and "cloud computing" in play, there are even better opportunities for businesses to build automated processes using softwares like EPR, CRM, and others, at low cost. Over the past few years, many Indian businesses have invested on softwares, and have migrated to "digital" operations from "papers". This is a great move and this will enhance the investments towards the segment by Indian companies.

The Cloud and Mobile Reveloution:

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