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June - 2012 - issue > In Conversation

Betting High on APAC Market

Phillip Beniac
Regional Vice President APAC -QlikTech
Thursday, May 31, 2012
Phillip Beniac
QlikTech, a provider of business discovery (BI) solution for verticals like banking, retail, manufacturing etc is meddling with bunch of activities for Indian market. QlikTech's powerful, accessible Business Discovery solution bridges the gap between traditional business intelligence solutions and standalone office productivity applications. Its QlikView Business Discovery platform enables intuitive user-driven analysis that can be implemented in days or weeks rather than months, years, or not at all. In a candid chat with Phillip Beniac, Regional Vice President APAC, QlikTech, talks about the growth strategy in India and globally. Beniac is responsible for spearheading Asia-Pacific sales and solutions initiatives to ensure customer success and drive continued "Business Discovery" leadership in the market.

Industry Perspective

When we discuss about this, we are talking about Qliktech's future and not just a single product. Looking back into our history, we have spent a favorable time in Asia pacific and Japan. The opportunities that came along with Qlicktech were phenomenal. I could probably give you many reasons for that: Qlicktech has been very successful in Europe and North America. When I joined, I did see the emergence of our products within the market and I saw this as an opportunity that was bought in to be a part of the Asia pacific focus.

Predominantly, people called it an international market where all the markets in the Europe and North America were clubbed into one area. As I was then invited to build the Asia Pacific footprint, we could hence, bring more partners and staff on board to really help service the growing number of customers that we have in the market. We had to build the infrastructure not just in terms of sales, also expert services as we target more enterprise accounts and also the partner communities by making sure the partners are enabled to drive successful implementations of the product. There has been a major drive towards industry specific targeting and we would be doing the same thing in the Asia Pacific region as well being very receptive in terms of the technology and capabilities.

Products and Industry Focus

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