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Artificial Intelligence: The Answer to More Effective Business Compliance

Anant Kale, CEO, AppZen
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Anant Kale, CEO, AppZen
Headquartered in California, AppZen patented AI technology combines computer vision, deep learning, and NLP to understand the full context of expenses, and cross-checks them in real-time against thousands of external and social sources to determine if they are legitimate and accurate.

For many industries, falling in with established rules and regulations is an ongoing and frequently painful process, especially when it involves jumping through bureaucratic hoops that are both outdated and slow-to-change. Meanwhile, the need to maintain cost-effective internal compliance in everything - from procurement procedures to employee expense policies - without bogging down productivity presents its own set of challenges.

While the demand to meet new or existing regulations within an organization isn't likely to change, the methods for accomplishing this task are doing just that. Technology in general, and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular, are providing solutions designed to help the compliance function take a more active role in business. And automating procedures like those found in many back-office processes, can both reduce operational risk and boost profitability, as overhead decreases and efficiency improves.

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