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Anuraag Awasthi tells ST his likes and dislikes while recruting

ST Team
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
ST Team
What I like:
A candidate must be assessed by the post he is being hired for. A junior level post would need more qualifications on the technical side while on a more senior level, the Communication skills and fine body language are significant while recruiting. Once I interviewed two candidates, equally qualified and hailing from similar backgrounds. The first candidate put across an open and optimistic attitude through positive body language and clear communication as opposed to the second candidate who was reserved and showed no interest in initiating a conversation. Impressed with the former’s open approach I hired him.

What I don’t like:
Being too talkative, discussing former employers in a negative light and appearing unprepared about the company- all these portray a poor attitude. I believe in hiring a candidate who may be average but well versed in positive skills. Teamwork and fitting into a team environment is very important. Once I interviewed a candidate who was an all round achiever but was a stand-alone. Her individualistic temperament led me to the conclusion that she would not be a team player and hence I did not absorb her into the company.
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