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American Megatrends India: A One-Stop Shop for the Entire Storage Gamut

Poulomi Mukherjee
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
As the hunger game begins for all-flash storage devices, what boils down this fast pace game is the cost of acquiring such devices. The existence of various flash storage providers in the industry cannot be denied but yes, their soaring prices limits them to big consumers while ignoring the ball game for the vast SME and startup space. Addressing this concern with the latest offering in the flash space called StorTrends 3500i is a storage specialist - American Megatrends India (AMI). This flagship product is a true enterprise-class storage solution that offers organizations a unified storage solution that is efficient and agile in business and empowers AMI to lead the market as a provider of hardware firmware and software solutions by developing products with unsurpassed compatibility and quality.

AMI is uniquely positioned to provide all the fundamental components necessary to offer complete system performance, manageability and availability for today?s enterprise computing requirements. With over 50 patents approved for StorTrends and about 100 patents in the pipeline, the product is well known for the top of the line Advanced Snapshots with ROW technology, Data Tiering and ILM with support for SSD tiers, SSD caching (the only vendor offering both caching and tiering with SSDs), and WAN Optimization technology which significantly reduces the time taken for replication between locations without the need of having expensive WAN accelerator hardware. StorTrends comes in various models and form factors to cater the varying demands of businesses.

With increased adoption of the newer platforms like full flash and hybrid storage array platforms, there is a need for intelligent handling of data between flash drivers and traditional spinning drivers to bring down the overall cost without degrading the performance. StorTrends IP SAN and NAS offerings enable storage admins by consolidating the storage providing back-end storage for applications and virtual machines, enabling VDI solutions by powering thousands of users, serving as backup nodes in D2D and D2D2T backup solutions and others.

For instance, when a Delhi based petrochemical trading company?s need for data backup dawned, the company decided to commence scheduled regular backup of mission critical production data and business information. Coming to its aid, AMI devised a customized solution to suit the data replication and recovery needs while offering important network storage functionalities such as unified storage, business continuity, disaster recovery, storage efficiency and virtualization support without using any additional overhead. The solution led the company to meet business objectives and reduce serious risk of performance deterioration while accelerating its ROI two-fold.

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