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Amar Bose

Friday, November 21, 2008
A successful company with great products, a strong brand name and good growth rate. Yet, despite all this, here’s one company that has not chosen the traditional “exit” - that is, no IPO. It remains fiercely private and intends to stay that way.
Such actions speak volumes about a genius founder who revolutionized how sound is heard by us all. To Dr. Amar Bose, the negatives to going public — a constant pressure of keeping up with a public image and financial reporting — outweigh the positives

A 1998 interview with Dr. Bose was a memorable one. His office, to begin with, is like a modern corporate shrine, into which I was gently led at the stroke of the appointed hour.

Shortly thereafter, through a mysterious back door, Dr. Bose appeared. The tall, lean man has a majestic personality befitting a professor-scientist with a noble cause — making life easier and more fulfilling for all through innovation and research.

Bose Corp. has always enjoyed the first-mover advantage. Although a normal product development time cycle at the company is from about 8 to 10 years, the result yields well-honed, high-end products for both consumer and professional markets that define a new product category.

Several upstart speaker companies have worked hard to create competing products, making lots of noise about them. Because sound is a highly subjective experience, to some aficionados, those new brands may even sound better. But it is a combination of sheer product quality and brand name recognition that has helped Bose grow and maintain its market share.

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