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Adopt SDN for Greater Agility and Flexibility

Subhasish Gupta
Country Manager India & SAARC-Allied Telesis
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Subhasish Gupta
Japan based Allied Telesis, founded in 1987 is a provider of networking infrastructure and flexible, interoperable network solutions. The Tokyo listed company has a market cap of $ 112.61 million. Ventures

Network Architectures' predicts that the OpenFlow and SDN market will grow to almost $2 billion by 2016. So what is SDN and what is all the noise about?
The move towards highly virtualized environment and environment where rapid changes to service delivery occur has created challenges for traditional switched Ethernet networks.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) aims to overcome these limitations by separating the management and control planes of the switch and moving these into a separate controller. This leaves the network hardware � the switches and routers � to do what they do best, that is forward traffic.

One of the aims of SDN is to deliver greater agility and flexibility to environments where this is desperately needed � namely Telco's, service providers and data centers. This would enable services to be rapidly deployed and would simplify the migration of environments from one location to another. What is less clear is what benefit, if any, organisations will achieve from the deployment of SDN.

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