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Accubits Technologies: Meet the New-Age Technology Revolution Enablers

si Team
Monday, July 18, 2016
si Team
Although Agile is ubiquitously accepted as the best methodology, the collaborative process of transitioning to agile can cause a business catastrophe, if it's done without adequate knowledge, a stable structure and undeterred dedication that supports the transformation. "Our first responsibility as an agile development provider is to make sure that our client doesn't end up with the inverse effects of it. Through our end-to-end solutions, we empower them to solely focus on their core business, without having to worry about partnerships, vendors or scaling," explains Jithin VG, Co-Founder & CEO, Accubits Technologies - one of the promising technology solutions enablers in the country. Based out of Virginia & Trivandrum, this 2012 born company has been proactive in providing innovative, sophisticated and cost effective experience to its customers - be it through its designing & scaling focused mobile and web development, Analytics, iBeacons & AI services or customer support.

Deploying a simple yet effective mechanism, Accubits analyzes customers' existing business structures and their ability to run Agile thoroughly, while its first few sprints edify customers to know their stakeholders and their teams. While its fully transparent and flexible processes are enough to adopt new customer requirements, the methodology is further augmented with a requirement flexibility research and an inhouse Big Data ML system. This helps the team to scrutinize a stakeholder's business, preferences, exhaustive scope and vision, and predict the general iteration depth to propose a more accurate final costing. With such frameworks, it comes as no surprise that Accubits has been successful in delivering 500+ projects to 200+ happy clients including Landmark Group, Audi, Indian Railways, Skoda and Tinggal across U.S., Australia, Canada and India.

A Doyen in the Product Realm

Driven by such strong principles, Accubits is highly acknowledged for its potpourri of Award winning products - DISIGN (Digital signage authoring tool), Marfind (personalization software) and EasyQ (an intelligent follow system) to name a few. "Starting our journey as a product company, we really understand what makes a successful product tick. We support our clients at every stage of their product life cycle, from wireframes to multi million users scale with Big Data, AI & Customer support," adds Jithin. By 2014, Accubits started getting a lot of requests from Corporates and Startups worldwide to build their products and services using its development & support team considering the quality & reach of the products the company has built over the span of two years. And the rest is history.

Powered by NASSCOM & Technopark, and few funding rounds that have scaled up the team and infrastructure, Accubits prides itself in its dedicated team who represent a closeknit family that believes in staying together, rather competing to grow. The team that doesn't hesitate to pull 18 hours work shifts to help their clients and colleagues are also encouraged to reap a better worklife balance through the company's 'work hard, play hard and relax well' culture. The employees are enabled with intrapreneurship and permitted to create IPs at company's cost? whereas, they are also complimented with regular performance reviews, salary hikes and paid vacation on achievements. As an active part of the big revolution wherein AI, NLP & learning solutions ought to drive the future app and device breakthroughs, the company is currently looking towards the possibilities of using Big Data & AI for automating all the mundane development activities, better employee segmentation, team management and client requirement analysis.
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