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Access 1 Solution: The Versatile Solution Provider for Varied Digital Marketing Requirements

si Team
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
si Team
The annotation of marketing via Google is one of the key elements that are present in the market, imparting the respective information while nullifying the quintessential borders of age, gender and so on. Google is one of the prominent players of the web and highly resourceful in communicating with the target audience by employing its unique and comprehensive tools. In the healthcare industry today, 86 percent of the clinicians use smartphones and general browsers like Google to diagnose the patient's condition, states Wolters Kluwer Health Physician Outlook Survey. With such innovations arise the necessities of organisations that can deliver the difficult pursuits of lead generation and help brands engage in consistent visibility and sales.

Founded in 2006, Access 1 Solution, with its experience ranging for almost a decade, possess the knack of keenly understanding the customer insight and craft engaging solutions that can help its clients prosper in the digital world by assisting them in web centric solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of an online activity of a business, starting from domain registration to web hosting and corporate email solutions; to websites, web based applications, e-Commerce, payment gateway integrations; to Web marketing, content management, Video Content Marketing, and so on. It is involved in building funnels for its clients deploying all the channels of marketing communication like Best Seller Book Funnel, Proven Product Launch Funnels, Webinar Funnels, e-Commerce Funnels, Sales Funnels and a lot more.

Today's tech savvy end consumer relies on the web page or social media page of the relevant company. As per an online research, almost 88 percent viewers abandon sites that deliver poor quality interface. Taking this segment in its stride, Access 1 Solution, catering to medical, e-Commerce and events industry, delivers the provision of Web Design and Web Development with engaging user interface & best user experience. For the one who is constantly on the go, the company builds an integrated and comprehensive app providing the same information as the website.

Today getting found on Google is a priority for every company. The SEO services provided by Access 1 Solutions can work wonders in achieving just the same. Alongside Google, Facebook and Twitter are also in the market, boosting up a company's reach. Combined with the intelligent analytics provided by the Access 1, the client company can get detailed information regarding the site visits, thanks to its Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing tool. One of the most impactful and used marketing tool, the Email Marketing, designed and executed by the company with its fresh graphics and ideas is able to instil the interest of the end consumer and create leads for its client. The most sought after service of Pay Per Click marketing directs the end consumers directly to the client's website, thus generating leads and traffic for them, and converting most of them to customers.

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