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May - 2010 - issue > Top 25 Emerging Technology Companies

Abacus Infotech Churning Technology to Secure Corporates

Eureka Bharali
Thursday, May 6, 2010
Eureka Bharali
Think about this. Today, you have two client meets, which you expect to finish only by evening. Now, your 10 year old daughter’s school teacher promptly calls you up to remind that her results are out. You are in a fix, as you don’t want your daughter to think that you don’t bother about her results, while the client meet cannot be postponed.

Flash back your thoughts. The incident remains the same with one change. The school teacher doesn’t call to remind you, rather the school promptly SMSes you the result of your daughter. You congratulate her with a piece of advice and move out for a better client meet without any personal apprehensions. This is one of the ways that Abacus Infotech, a hardware and software solution provider is trying to make life easier for corporates. In 2002, the company launched its SMS service, wherein it ties up with educational institutes to send across students’ results directly to parents, a step that was a turnaround in India. “This was done first time in India and it made people aware that through SMS services they can get any data at any point of time,” says Jatin Mehta, Managing Director (MD), Abacus Infotech and is also the promoter of the firm.

Founded in 2002 by Mehta, Abacus with a team of 35 people has expanded its reach ensuring not only data reach in real time rather also securing the corporate life with its different solutions. Today, its solutions range from access control, attendance, Fingerprint to Storage Solutions, Biometric Products and RFID solutions. They also provide smart card base systems and security solution in analog and IP base CCTV solutions, ensuring to solve the gamut of corporate issues.

Mehta remembers the challenges his entire team braved while expanding their portfolio.

“There is a huge opportunity for security systems in Indian market. Unfortunately, the market lacks in maturity. It requires lot of awareness and explanation of the benefits to the end users to make them move away from their traditional approaches and embrace more secured systems,” says the MD. Moreover, as business ethics forms the core of the firm, there is a big challenge to overcome in a scenario where there is no ethics between customers and vendors. Their strength lies in providing the solutions by keeping at par with the technology trends which helps them fulfill their objective of making corporate life more easy and secured. “Hence in year 2002 we introduced the SMS solution and Fingerprint solution. In year 2005, we started selling GPS vehicle Tracking system for logistic and transport industry,” Mehta promptly testifies their strength. To ensure this the company has cherry-picked its employees comprising of Developers, Network professionals, System Integrators. “Every employee has a prominent IT background, who are efficiently trained to understand the solutions and the mindset of the end user, thus lending an extra dose of confidence within the products,” he says.

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