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A Career Transition ain't that Tough

ST Team
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
ST Team
Career change is often the toughest and most difficult decision for a professional, an issue that was addressed by the Career Workshop organized by siliconindia on November 19, 2011. The event saw the Human Resources heads of various IT companies share their experience on how to utilize talent in a right way and glide through the career journey.

The speakers shared their experience on what facilitated them to become established corporate leaders. They addressed the issued faced while moving across various careers, so as to ensure that the attendees make their next move perfectly.

The event took off with a session on "How to make a successful career change?" by Sanjeev Sehgal, SGM-HR Strategy and Operations, Target India, who focused on how to prepare for a change, the various career stages, and how to create value. He said that people who make career choices just for a prestigious title end up disappointed as that change would not give them the inner satisfaction that they crave for from a job. Rather concentrate on an organization with which you agree on certain values, as that would help you enjoy your work.

Latha R, Talent Acquisition Leader, IBM, talked about her journey into IBM after being rejected twice, and how she saw an opportunity in an unknown territory (Credit control). She says that becoming comfortable is the signal to move on and do something different as that would help you explore more prospects.

Sanjay Shelvankar, CEO, Scalene Works, beautifully brought about the difference between the changes in a job and a career. People change their jobs for money, location; but the change in career happens when they decide to challenge their limits. The most important aspect for any change is self-assessment, which can be done by answering few questions: What is important for you? What is your personality type? What are your skills? These questions will answer which role is the best suited for an individual. The last session on "How to make a successful Transition-From Techie to Manager", was kick started by Sheela KL, Head of HR, Collabera, who talked about the various challenges that await en route the transition. In order to become a manager, a techie should be aware of the life of a manager and be prepared to face the resistance from the team. Patience and resilience are the key traits which would ensure a smooth transition.

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