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June - 2015 - Special issue > Company Spotlight

ABACUS Consultants: Keeping Clients Ahead of Curve through Immense Expertise in Competition Mapping

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 5, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Acquiring concrete knowledge about the market and competitors is imperative for any organization to stay steps ahead of the competition. In today's war for top talents, most organizations seek human resource consultants to perform meticulous analysis and bring in the kind of candidates that competitors yearn for. Proficiently leveraging competition mapping for catering this dire need is ABACUS Consultants – an external outsource firm for executive search, organizational planning and recruitment consulting services that also makes video CVs for individuals and video profiles for organizations. After thorough preparation, the company identifies the total hierarchy of competitors and narrows down the right people for right jobs cost-effectively; thus saving time by reducing the number of resource applications. ABACUS doesn't just send meritorious people, but works with clients until they become client's employees. Aside from its expertise in competition mapping across India in selective domains and organizational structuring, ABACUS also magnetizes clients by availing its data bases to them.

Impressive Growth in Quantity & Quality

Suresh Nair founded ABACUS Consultants in 2004 in Jaipur with the vision to become a leading provider of staffing services. Suresh entered the recruitment industry in 1998. It's been 17 years since then, when he realized the need and importance of good talents, while interacting with major corporates during his tenure in a British MNC as senior executive. Under his leadership, ABACUS soon achieved an impressive growth in terms of quantity and quality. It is manifest from the fact that the company acquired numerous top-notch clients including Airtel, Axis Bank, ICICI Prudential, HDFC BANK, Vodafone, Tata Capital, Godfrey Philips and Kotak Mahindra Bank among others; for whom ABACUS has worked PAN India.

ABACUS, with its team strength of 32 hiring people, brings proven expertise in several dynamic sectors including consumer products & services, financial services and professional services among others. The company is committed to build world-class management teams for clients competing in a global market. ABACUS provides exceptional leaders and organizational solutions to enhance client's competitive advantage through long-term client relationships built on experience, insight and teamwork. A keen understanding of the demands, personalities and challenges of clients allows ABACUS to match the right client with the right candidate, irrespective of the size and corporate culture of client's business. ABACUS' industry expertise, professionalism, integrity and hands-on processes have enabled the company to establish credibility with clients, candidates and industry leaders.

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