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3 Elements Events: Executing Corporate Events with Mastery

si Team
Monday, September 7, 2015
si Team
Albert Einstein whispered, "Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person". Devoting entire strength and ever-growing resources in a developing country like India, Jaipur based 3 Elements Events has mastered the corporate event genre with innovation, workforce, and efficient sound & lighting to manage an event lucratively where even a single pin cannot be placed wrong. In an award ceremony managed for Rajasthan based private carriers' network, 3 Elements made it 'one to cherish for life' as the previous five years' award functions were not even to the level of satisfaction of client which were done by different event agencies. Top of the list performances managed to congregate delegates and attendees. The graffiti walls were full of appreciation for the event and later it was deported to the head-quarter of the client to keep memories alive. With a copious success stories abridged, this company from the 'Pink City' earned the title of 'Master of Corporate Events' from its clientele.
Bringing in Excellence to Events

Creativity, technology and manpower (the three pillars of any success story) brought prosperity, self-respect and moderation to the masterminds of 3 Elements. Unifying these together, Gaurav Sharma, the founder & owner, with mammoth experience in the event management meadow, took the prospect of lacking good service providers in the city and setup 3 Elements in 2011 with a vision of 'one-stop-shop' for events and to present superior service to the major event agencies in India. Initial challenges of trust and longing for a trade were overcome as 3 Elements standing on its vow provided top notch services and gradually earned the publicity through every client. As per track-record, once a client gets associated, alliance transforms into enduring business relation. With three crucial rudiments � knowledge, success and experience, 3 Elements provides customized solutions through cost-effective plans, innovative initiative, quality liberation, dexterous support, time-efficiency and market discerning. Besides, corporate management, 3 Elements brings an absolute event-management elucidation which includes wedding planning, trade fair & stalls, promotion & activation, ads & branding, celebrity & artist management and many more. Discussing 3 Elements' success, Gaurav, the Founder & owner, explains, "Events, especially corporate, need top class execution of plan and best delivery of services. This is what 3 Elements do flawlessly and perfectly by providing desired quality standard services".

The company strictly follows professional ethics when it comes to refund policy, 3 Elements provides an opportunity to its clients to cancel any booked event and get the refund. "Considering the potential and advance booking charges of an event, clients get a refund if they wish to disband the probable event," adds Gaurav.

A Definite Name in the Budding Prospect

The booming event industry in India is poised to reach $966 million by end of 2015. Most of the organizations are in broad way to increase productivity through off-site meetings, entertainment nights, gala-dinners, in plain language 'meetings with fun'. But this young startup from Rajasthan remains consistent on the way to affix more happy patrons by providing qualitative service they desire for and keep the present clients in high spirits. Amid the thriving industry that caters to superior and quality services at every event, 3 Elements has a shrill and lucid sky ahead to expand.

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