2015 Outlook from McAfee on Indian Security Industry Trends

By Jagdish Mahapatra, Managing Director, McAfee India and SAARC
Friday, March 20, 2015
By Jagdish Mahapatra, Managing Director, McAfee India and SAARC
The California headquartered McAfee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel. The company is engaged in providing computer security software to global customers.

Following are the mega trends that will dominate 2015's security industry in India-

1.Increased use of cyber warfare and espionage tactics: Cyber espionage attacks will continue to increase in frequency as long-term players will become stealthier information gatherers, while newcomers to cyber-attack capabilities will look for ways to steal sensitive information and disrupt their adversaries.

  • Established nation-state actors will work to enhance their ability to remain hidden on victim systems and networks.

  • Cybercriminals will continue to act more like nation-state cyber espionage actors, focusing on monitoring systems and gathering high-value intelligence on individuals, intellectual property, and operational intelligence.

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