January - 2017 issue > 20 Most Promising QA & Software Testing Service Providers - 2017  

It is said that - "An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it". When developers create gigantic codes, errors & bugs slip in as side-effects and result in flaws in the software.  In this norm scenario, errors are inevitable; however, testers play the most important role here by adding value into the process. Due to multifold growth in products & applications, it is estimated that the Indian software & testing market will reach for around $15 billion by 2020, making the country the largest beneficiary of the growth.

Considering the pressure to provide top-notch solutions in time, quality assurance has turned out to be the vital challenge for business houses. As delivering quality products/services to the end user should be the ultimate goal for any business in order to retain customers, testers ensure the quality of software by steering multiple layers of testing. The rise in business complexities & competitive burdens are underlining the strategic value of systematic QA & Software Testing. In such a scenario, numerous QA & Software Testing providers have evolved who can walk synchronically with the business organizations in order to depict a much clear portrait of the solution's quality & accuracy in every point of its lifecycle.

 In this issue of siliconindia, we have listed ‘20 Most Promising QA &Testing Providers – 2017’. The list unearths some of the most promising ‘QA & Testing Solution Providers’ that enable businesses to provide enhanced software quality & better delivery time along with test certifications. siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the index through frequent discussions with outstanding panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, Directors, VCs, and industry analysts, throughout the year. This special list features the best QA & Software Testing service providers who cater to a wide range of global customers through theirweb, desktop, and mobile apps based testing and much more.

20 Most Promising QA & Software Testing Service Providers - 2017

Company Founder Description

3tel Network Services

Shailesh Shukla,

An ISO 9001-2008 certified organization and a recognized leader in the provision of Software solutions and services with more than seven years of professional experience and practical Engagement. Having strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in India and around the world

New Delhi
Rajat Jain,
Founder & CEO

An IT services provider working in the verticals of application development, mobile app development, web development, software testing, digital marketing and maintenance

Chris Meneze,
Co-Founder, CEO & President
Providing innovative and effective On Premise and Cloud based Test Automation & Management Solutions for Enterprises
EDIsta Testing
Pradeeo C,
A full-fledged Managed IT Services provider specializing in Internet Data Center & Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Managed Security, Cloud Solutions, Application Hosting, Disaster Recovery, and many other services
Redmond, WA
Pankaj M,
Company makes quality assurance by proper planning and systematic approach of assuring management that defines standards, practices, procedures, and methods
FuGenX Technologies
Bhabani Sankar Jena,
Company help clients in identifying risks and opportunities that address both short-term challenges as well as long-term value creation
ITCube Solutions
Uday Inamdar,
A Microsoft Gold Certified, technology services, consulting and product company, has a successful track record of delivering solutions worldwide
Niranjan Limbachiya,
Founder & CEO
A leading Software Quality Assurance and a Testing company delivering services including automation testing, load and performance testing, security testing, mobility testing and hand set certification, manual testing, white box testing and QA process consulting
Baba Bhapkar,
Founder & CEO
An IT Services company offering specific solutions that enahnce communication effectiveness, increase sales and achieve higher business growth for a vast clientele
Occygen, LLC
Ruslan Desyatnikov,
With its QACoverage Test Management Solution, testing cycles under multiple Software Development Models including Agile and revolutionizing Quality Assurance Testing with unique automation solutions
Ruslan Desyatnikov,  
Founder, CEO & President 
Offers comprehensive suite of distinct & cost-effective QA and Testing services across the globe 
Rajeev Rai,
A comprehensive QA provider that has successfully completed hundreds of QA engagements
QuadLogix Technologies
Snehalkumar Patel,
Company is aimed to help businesses in reducing overrun costs, avoid risks and delivering high quality solutions
QualiTest India
Ayal Zylberman,
Leverages deep technology, business and industry specific understanding to deliver solutions that align with client’s business context
Software Assurance, LLC
Ram Garg,
Company focuses on creating a mix of Technologies, Processes and Expertise to deliver best solution
Aslam Khan,
Founder & CEO
QA testing services provider catering to a wide range of global customers through its web based testing, desktop based testing and mobile apps testing
Ganesan B,
Co-Founder & CEO
A software development and testing services company having immense experience in software development, testing tools and technologies
New Delhi
Narender Kumar,
Founder & CEO
An organization catering to the Testing & Quality Assurance discipline and helps in improving the software development life cycle
Shakil Hanjgikar,
Independent testing services firm providing end-to-end testing and quality assurance services for product based startups
Walking Tree Technologies
Alok Ranjan,
Co-Founder, COO & MD
An IT software and service provider works closely with technology innovators to ensure that the team creates 'Effective Software' based on thorough understanding of underlying technologies