August - 2015 issue > 20 Most Promising IoT Solutions Providers 2015  

Company Name



Aeron Systems                             Baner, Pune, India aeronsystems.com Abhijeet Bokil                 CEO
Aeron Systems offers M2M solutions for Data logging, data transmission, Vehicle Monitoring and Weather forecasting 
San Jose, CA
Sunit Saxena
CEO, President & Chairman
Altierre has developed the world’s lowest power and most scalable wireless network to for IOT 
Altizon Technologies
Palo Alto, California 
Vinay Nathan
Co-Founder and CEO

A provider of IoT ready applications and IoT platform services and solutions for the manufacturing space.

Apigee                                                San Jose, CA                     apigee.com

Chet Kapoor                   CEO

Apigee intelligent API platform offers new digital and mobile experiences o customers 
Atomiton                                       Sunnyvale, CA                 atomiton.com

Alok Batra,                         CEO   

The firm's IoT Application Platform creates queriable and actionable systems of interconnected things
Eco Axis                                          Pune, Maharashtra, India                     ecoaxisindia.com

Abhay Nalawade             Founder 

EcoAxis offers Industrial Asset Management solutions deploying IoT. 
Embitel Technologies             Southfield, CA                     embitel.com

Sharad Bairathi               Managing Partner

The firm is an IoT enabler and contributes to the design and development of IoT gateways.
Flutura                                               Palo Alto, CA                         flutura.com

Krishnan Raman           CEO

Flutura provides IoT Analytics solutions in the Energy and Heavy Engineering space. 
Imantics                                           Santa Clara, CA                       imantics.com

Jaideep Jain                     COO

Imantics' programming and configuration platform enables faster and economical development of IoT applications. 
kii Corporation                                  San Mateo, CA                               en.kii.com

Masanari Arai                   Co-Founder & CEO  

Kii is focused on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an end-to-end cloud platform optimized for the IoT.

Microchip                                     Chandler, Arizona         microchip.com

Steve Sanghi                 CEO & President

Microchip offers wireless solutions and sensors helping build a cloud connetced embedded system. 
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Shishir Danani               CEO The firm develops Hardware enabled applications for M2M and IoT 
Netspective                               Landover, MD             netspective.com Shahid N. Shah             CEO Netspective through its IoT platform offers M2M gateway architecture and software analytics to the Healthcare and Medical device space.
Bellevue, WA
Ajay Sikka 
Omnim2m connects businesses equipment to the cloud and offers monitoring and reporting solutions sensors by providing sensors for temperature, humidity, location etc
New York, NY
Ajay Bhumitra
Provides IoT solutions that enable processes and machines to communicate and collaborate through the use of big data analysis. 
Senslytics Corporation                           San Jose ,CA                                         senslytics.com Rabindra Chakraborty President A software development company providing IoT analytics based services through IoT enablement and data science applications.
Tyfone                                         Portland, OR                         tyfone.com Dr. Siva G. Narendra       CEO Tyfone provides secure transactions and identity solutions to mitigate cloud and cyber security risks
Volansys Technologies
Milpitas, CA
Manan Patel
CEO & Founder
Volansys provides IoT based solutions for cloud, mobile and the device space.  
Dublin, CA 
Sundar Krish 
CEO & Founder
Waygum offers the first end-to-end Mobile-App-Platform uniquely focused on the Industrial IoT
San Ramon, CA
Atul Garg
President & CEO
WhizNets' IoT Cloud solution for enterprises involves the use of IoT devices, cloud platform, infrastructure and applications.