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SMERGERS: Democratizing Investment Banking for SMEs

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
In the closed community of investment banking, which primarily thrives on personal connections,large companies are being served by the marquee investment banks whereas mid-market deals are catered by boutiques. Tragically, the large and vibrant SME community has long been ignored by the industry worldwide, blaming on their inability to afford the expensive processes. Quelling this injustice by democratizing the market is SMERGERS Online Services, India's largest online Investment Banking Company, which isnot just cost-efficient but also time-efficient.

Unprecedentedly Vast Global Network

Harnessing internet technology to bring transparency and a level playing field for all businesses endowed the 2013 established company's online platform (smergers.com)with a splendid 2000 businesses, 1800 investors and 300 financial advisors from 55 countries. As globally investors are increasingly interested in betting on Indian talent, opening the gates with its vast global network aided SMERGERS to establish the strongest brand presence in clients' minds over its competitors, not to mention the quality of introduction, which is also far superior. "Our customers act as our brand ambassadors who market us via word of mouth, which has the strongest impact," says Vishal Devanath, Founder & CEO, SMERGERS.

As the name suggests, SMERGERS helps SME business owners with Mergers, Acquisitions and Fundraising, aside from enabling individual investors, NRIs, HNIs and small funds among others. Unlike traditional methods that require years of networking, SMERGERS allows its clients to scrutinize prospects' background and clarifies who can actually close the transaction with those prospects in a matter of days. "Once the profiling is done, our clients can find, connect and transact with each other easily through our simple, cost-effective and time-efficient platform," explains Krishna Bharadwaj, Co-Founder, SMERGERS.The company also provides ancillary support services such as information memorandum preparation and business valuation to interested business owners.

The Exciting Journey

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