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Infinient: Ready. Get. Set. Cloud!!

Rashmisree Deb
Monday, February 9, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
With a huge population as potential customer base, metropolis devise ample of opportunities for many individuals to dream of running their own business. But, that was not the case with Ryan De Mello � a young, dynamic entrepreneur from Goa � who recognized Cloud-based industry as a game changer for Goa's economy. To make his entrepreneurial dream come true, Ryan sailed against the wind and entrenched Infinient formally known as Innovative Corporation India in the year 2007. Infinient is a suite of small business web services for large and powerful computing instances providing high-end business services from hosted exchanges, private hosting enclosures to public content delivery networks. Complete control with root access, the fully managed dedicated servers provides unmatched performance with VMware based cloud servers with high computing instances, complete security and remote management. The company also offer complete cost control with 'Pay-as-you-Go' pricing model for application deployment, mail services and business collaboration. Today, Infinient is a bespoke platform to deploy your application and manage it remotely.

Infinient walks the talk by providing its clients complete management of applications and instances with easy deploy and high scalability. The company chisels layer by layer till of end of the pyramid to understand clients' problems, hence be able to provide turnkey solutions thus creating a steer within the Cloud industry. By delivering cutting-edge services to its clients all across Goa, Infinient expanded its wings with the help of its partners and entered metropolis like Mumbai and Hyderabad. Premier partnership with Amazon � an army in Cloud partner � also helped the company to establish strong footprints in the space. Thus, the company built its forte in meeting all kinds of client requirements at ease. "We stand beside our each customer and assist them by taking down their requirements and breaking down Cloud Computing solutions into multiple paths. Offering turnkey solutions to our clients helped us to stand out from the competition," says Ryan, Director, Infinient. Serving clientele including TOSG Art Education Pvt. Ltd., Goa International Photo Festival, Green Fairy Absinthe (in association with Liqueurs de France), MindSpa Pvt. Ltd., TeamInertia Technologies, Rubiq Solutions Pvt. Ltd., John Lally International Foundation - UK, Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., GWave (United Telecom Limited & Govt of Goa Company) and more, Infinient has emerged as a niche partner in the industry. Thus, the team offers organizations with powerful CloudInfra technologies, with reduced IT CAPEX and increase profits.

With two level hierarchy systems, one for team leaders and other for employees, Infinient appreciates brainstorming and out-of-the-box thinking within the organization. "Having multiple flavors of management is great, but the flaw with such system is you lack personal contact with your employees. I believe that management must have a close relationship with its every employee and vice versa," he adds. To keep the ball rolling, Infinient plans to explore the untapped market in Middle East and major parts of Asia. The company is also looking forward to establish an official presence in Middle East. Developing their own apps, in-house CRM and software service are also the plans for the company in the upcoming years.

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