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HR Analytics Paves Way for Enhanced Talent Management

Anuj Gupta, CSO, hSenid Business Solutions
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
 Anuj Gupta, CSO, hSenid Business Solutions
Headquartered in Colombo, hSenid is a software development firm that specializes in HR and mobile applications for Enterprise and Wireless markets. It currently serves close to 300,000 users globally across 18 industries in 30+ countries.

According to Harvard Business review, 71 percent of CEOs surveyed believe that human capital is the top contributing factor to sustainable economic value. Human resources are the core building blocks of any organization & it is imperative that these valued assets work together to meet organizational goals. Keeping in mind the dynamic working culture & how employee engagements would change over the next decade, it is vital for HR Personnel to reassess their Talent Management tools, especially in a highly competitive market.

While there is a dialogue around human capital, there are several HR professionals who aren't comfortable with data, mostly due to the lack of sufficient access. Although, Data collection is important, prudence is required to decide what to measure & how to measure to gain workforce insights. Data Analytics tools improve strategic decision making for this crucial people's management function. More & more growth oriented organizations are supportive of using Analytics for more intelligent, real time & improved Talent Management.

Talent Management is one of the key HR functions in any organization. Many organizations today have progressed to real time analytics to gain competitive edge as it helps them to be proactive & predictive. Some of the key Talent Management Areas addressed by Analytics are:

• How to identify the talent in a programmatic manner?

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