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February - 2015 - Special issue > What If Not IIM's Survey 2015

What If Not IIM's Survey 2015

SI Edu Team
Sunday, March 1, 2015
SI Edu Team
In the year 2000, there were exactly 600 management institutes offering 70,000 seats in India, but by the end of 2009 that number increased to 1,400 offering 120,000 seats. Now, the country has more than 4000 B-schools to satisfy the demand for business education. All these Institutes combined, produce about 200,000 management graduates per year. The sudden rise in the number of institutions shot up when close to only 2000 students made it to the IIM's out of over 3.5 lakh aspirants who wrote CAT in 2009. Today, the scenario has changed and students from across the country and beyond have the advantage of choosing the school which suits them best. However, with a great variety comes, an even greater difficulty and the difficulty being students finding the right college for them. With large prospects to choose from many students find it hard to find a B-School which compliments them best. Thus, this survey is being done to create an exhaustive blue-print of what students can do if they do not get into IIM's.

In this edition of "What If Not IIM's", Silicon India Education brings an overview of some of the Top B-schools that can give as good, as it gets to IIM's. It is crucial for aspirants to see through the clutter and identify top B-Schools. Understanding the necessary elements can help students evaluate B-Schools better. This evaluation process can also help students in the comparison aspects before getting to the final list of B-Schools which can be considered. It is a complex process which needs a lot of research and then the ability to use the information in a meaningful manner. Chipping in with the objective of helping students make the right decision without going through this complex process, we Silicon India Education have released a list of India's top B-Schools. This list segregates B-Schools into various categories, thereby aiding students in choosing the school meets their needs best.

This list is made using a methodology which many research experts have used over the last decade. The survey also represents the viewpoints of several renowned and experienced business leaders from the industry. While the survey is conducted on the basis of nominations received from the institutes, they have been evaluated and shortlisted by a panel of educationalists, HR recruiters, and the Silicon India Education based on the data inputs provided by the institutes.
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