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Azim Premji University to launch undergraduate Programs

SI Edu Team
Friday, February 27, 2015
SI Edu Team
Azim Premji University has announced the launch of its undergraduate program commencing July 2015. This program will be a full-time, three-year, residential program leading to a degree in Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Specializations offered will be in the Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. Students will also have the opportunity to take up research and projects to obtain an honours degree. The University is committed to an education that develops reflective engagement with personal, social and global issues. The curriculum aims to prepare students to be active learners capable of critical thinking and analysis. Specialization in disciplines is designed to encourage exploration and help students build deep understanding of concepts and applications. The program brings together competent and experienced faculty and mentors to create a vibrant learning community that is inclusive and rewarding.

The University is also committed to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing financial assistance to deserving students to pursue their education. "Higher Education must prepare young adults with expertise in their fields of interest, ability to deal with challenges of life and contribute to society. Azim Premji University's undergraduate program is an attempt in that direction," says Anurag Behar, Vice Chancellor.

IIMB student wins Best Paper Award

From 13 papers presented by researchers, 125 draft submissions were made at the sixth annual Doctoral Students Conference on December 22 and 23, 2014 at IIM Bangalore. The two-day conference is one of the signaling events in management research among management schools in the country. The United India Insurance Award for Best Paper, 'Reference dependent preferences on time of coverage, an alternative explanation for why we observe minimal warranties in the marketing area' was awarded to Aruna Divya T, IIM Bangalore.

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