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The Swiss Laundry

The Swiss Laundry

About the Company

Garments are not just a necessity but a way of self-expression. They are a reflection of personality and lifestyle. Established in the year 2013, The Swiss Laundry (TSL) was initially started by aSpanish National and later on taken over by an employee of the firm called Anand Bharat Bhatt. The laundry was established with an aim to upgrade the lifestyle of the people by preserving the apparels for a longer use. The Swiss Laundry was opened with the first unit in Kolkata as a small business to change the scenery of laundry service. Today, the firm has spread its roots to other cities of India as well. Apart from its own unit in Kolkata, the Swiss Laundry also provides its services to selected locations in Jammu, Bhubaneswar and Pune. As one of India’s best laundry, customer satisfaction is the main mantra of the firm.

Current market Landscape

There is huge potential scope for improvement in the laundry service. According to India Laundry Care Market Outlook, 2021, the overall laundry care industry is growing with a CAGR of 12.93 percent from last five years. Laundry as a chore has always proved to be challenging for everyone. Be it washing the n number of shirts or t-shirts or ironing clothes at 7 in the morning for office. It’s one of the most time-consuming tasks.Laundry care has achieved a high level of penetration in India, with hand washing remaining the most common form of washing clothes. Indeed, hand wash detergents and bar detergents dominated laundry care in 2018.


The Swiss Laundry dry cleaning process starts with pretreatment of the garments by the technique of spotting and color treatment. Perchloroethylene is used in the laundry commonly known as perc to take utmost care of the garment dry cleaned. No water is used in this process and the cleaning agents do not penetrate through the fabric which is why this process is exclusive and most suited for soft fabric garments.

Extremely delicate garments are dry cleaned through the hydrocarbon based dry cleaning machine which follows a series of steps from washing by the hydrocarbon solvent, cleaning, drying through heat process and then cooling of garment so that it does not shrink.

The laundry also offers various other services including:

Wet Cleaning

The garment once reaches the laundry is well checked for color fading, fabric check and is then put through the washing process which ends with softening of the garment by one of the best softeners and drying it to make it look fresh and perfect for the next wear.

Ornamental Cleaning

TSL takes special care of wedding lehengas and designer wears to ensure that, the memories created when they were worn remain vivid and treasured.TSL has developed special treatments to clean these garments with deep understanding of the fabric, embroidery work, sequencing.

Pressing / Ironing

Ironing is done according to the fabric to not just take care of the garment but to make it 100% crease free. Heavy ironing is done for regular garments while steam ironing is for soft fabric. 


By starching the garments TSL protects the garments against embedded stains and give them a glossy finish and a perfect shape. Starching the clothes make them look crisp and neater, ready for any occasion.

Express wash

Whether it’s an unplanned date or even a last minute flight TSL makes sure ensure that the client look stunning with the express service during the last minute of emergencywithin 24hours.

The differentiating factors

What makes The Swiss Laundry stand out from other laundry services in India is the technology it fosters for dry cleaning. It is perhaps, the only dry cleaner in India that uses Hydrocarbon and Perchloroethylene based dry cleaning solvents. These solvents ensure that along with removing stains there is no damage to the customer’s clothes.Apart from advancing the laundry business in India, TSL also work hand in hand with the Fashion Industry. The Swiss Laundry franchises in India work alongside designers and boutiques in their respective cities to uphold the original condition of purchased apparels for years.

Work Culture

The dedicated team at The Swiss Laundry is on a constant lookout to maximize laundry and dry cleaning business opportunities in India. The goal is to deliver top-notch laundry and dry cleaning service to all the cities and beyond. The firm is striving to reach out to more cities as well as trying to increase the units in each city as well. The Franchise programme, aims to expand to more cities and upgrade the lifestyle of the guests.

Growth Factor

The Swiss Laundry started in the year 2013 with just one laundry in Kolkata. Now under the name of Swiss Laundry, the firm is operating in three other places apart from Kolkata. On the contrary TSL have certification course where it is guided to run the laundries. TSL also have another 15 laundries running in whole of India where the firm is helping other units through a proprietary CRM system. The firm has an annual turnover of one crore with a hike of around 20 percent increment per year.

Future roadmap

The firm with an optimistic outlook desires to spread its wings in all the states of India. The brand strives to bring modern technology to the laundry and dry cleaning business to improve the sector. The Swiss Laundry is forever on a lookout for ways to incorporate new and improved cleaning methods that ensure the longevity of clothes. The firm is working towards the goal of identifying all the problems associated with cleaning garments and finding solutions to them to maximize customer satisfaction.