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About the company

Paying a company for laundry may sound like a disadvantage but in the long run, this downside can be heavily outweighed by the level of convenience that may be benefited when someone else takes care of all your laundry.City lifestyle is the main reason for the rising demand for convenience services like dry cleaning and laundry.Incepted in the year 2018, Dhobiwala, a laundry service provider in Bangalore offers end to end offline and online ecofriendly laundry servicesat an affordable cost. Dhobiwala was established when the founder, Dilip Param,was finding it difficult to get his clothes ironed as he was moving from one apartment to the another to relocate himself. Being a technical expert Dilip, hold a certified laundry programme from the United States of America. Dhobiwala is the only internationally certified Laundry Company in the whole ofSouth India.

Current market Landscape

The demand forlaundry service market is trending among the fastmoving, career oriented people with a busy schedule who are offered convenient laundry services. On demand service platform of high performance is essential to provide a clustered, fault tolerant, on demand, scalable solution to the customers. Goldstein Research analyst forecast the global online on demand laundry service market size is set to grow at a CAGR of 35.2 % over the forecast years. Demographic, economic and technological developments in a region, growth in the apparel industry, rising environmental concerns of water and energy conservations are some of the factors that will impact the demand for online on-demand laundry services.


Dhobiwala offers all its services under one roof. The laundry firm has a wide range of services such as steam ironing, starching, stain removal, minor alterations, laundry& dry-cleaning, wash & fold and wash & iron services, doorstep pickup and delivery. The firm also hasspecial services for cleaning soft toys. Dhobiwala assures that the precious garments are taken care of by professionals and cleaned with the best possible care each time and every time. Dhobiwala hasa dedicated teamof experienced professionals working round the clock to ensure that the garments are cleaned using apt processes and returned to the customers with the greatest care, quality and exceptional service.

Differentiating Factor

Dhobiwala is India’s only environment friendly garment care service company. The factor that differentiates Dhobiwala from that of its counterpart is the high standards that they maintain in its cleaning process. Dhobiwala is the only garment care company to have its own training facility to impart the best and scientific practices to their staff. The access to international products, services, automated machines and latest garment care research help Dhobiwala do specialized garment care services.The laundry doesn’t use any kind of harsh chemical or detergents for washing the clothes. There is no chemical process involved in the entire washing process. The firm has its own natural process of washing clothes which is in turn considered as one of the biggest USP of the organization. Dhobiwala has adopted the Lagoon Advanced Care professional system to dry clean the clothes in lieu of any petrochemicals.

The lagoon is the first professional wet, cleaning systemfor the cleaning of delicate wool garments labeled for dry-clean only is entering a new era with its Advanced Care version. The advanced technology is delicate on fabrics, gentle on the environment, and a game changer for the business, making it possible to operate wet-cleaning with the same process time, productivity and seamless handling of dry cleaning.

Work Culture

A lot of emphases is laid on training the staff of Dhobiwala to increase the service level commitment. The firm hardly hires any employee from the laundry industry because of their prefixed mindset about this business. Therefore, freshers are always welcomed so that they can be trained from the ground level. The firm organizes monthly meetings and seminar sessions in order to keep the employees updated with the market trends.

Technological Innovation

Dhobiwala has developed its own inhouse software with mobile apps and web application which is accessible for the customers to conveniently place orders. The mobile software also assists the customers to check the status of their clothes including the delivery date. Further, the app also facilitates to pay online after the delivery. The platform is very simple as the customer just need to download the app or register on the Dhobiwala website.

Growth Figure

Dhobiwala hasa network of stores across the Bangalore city and is scaling outside the cityas well through the franchise road. The firm currently has 10 functional stores and expanding to 40 – 50 stores in Bangalore with more than 40 working staff member.

Future Roadmap

Dhobiwala with a confident outlook is planning to widen its wings geographically by scaling up in all the cities of the country through the franchise network. The organization desires to unlock laundries inside the apartment complexes to give hassle free services. The firm also aims to establish a centralized laundry system in the years to come across all Tier 1 & Teir 2 cities in India.

Quick Facts:

1. Year of Inception - 2018

2. Founding Members - Dilip Param and Nithya Dilip

3. Office Location - Domlur

4. Total Headcount - 40

5. Website: