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About the company

Established by Alok Maheshwari in the year 2012, Care4wear is a retail brand of Manju Cleaners. Manju Cleaners was established in the year 1961 by Late. Mr. R.K. Maheshwari and primarily catered to the B2B sector including laundries, hotels anddecorators.Care4wear was established with the intention to step into the retail market to serve the end customers directly Care4wear aimed at providing dry-clean and laundry services of optimum class at customers doorstep.Theidea was to define a culture well adapted in the west but at a snails pace in India. With International players and new brands being launched Care4wears mission and motivation has further modeled into serving CARE of best quality of every WEAR.

Current market landscape

Care4wear Cleans everything that can be cleaned, from your Guccis and Armanis to your Manish Malhotra’s and Sabyasachi's. Care4wear specialises is wedding trousseau. Care4wear not just cleans garments, but also bags, shoes, toys and even upholstery. Be it leather or fabric, if it can be cleaned, then care4wear can clean it.

Differentiating factor

Care4wear aims at giving high quality service to its customers through personalisation. Every customer has their own fold, hanger, starching, ironing , packaging preferences and care4wear has always tried to serve them, even if it means going out of the way to make the customers happy just at their doorstep.

Technological Innovation

Having over 60 years of experience, Care4wear understands that not all garments especially the Indian designer wears today, can be machined washed. Hence, the organisation uses a combination of both, the latest technology as well as the traditional method of cleaning to get the best results.

Care4wear also understands that garments are extremely personal to the customers and hence every garment’s status is tracked by their software. Care4wear is also entering the on-demand space, with the app in place where customers can schedule pick up, deliveries, track their garment status and even pay through it.

 Work Culture

Care4wear is a family managed business where the third generation recently joined the organisation. The interesting fact about care4wear is that both the second and third generation of the family to join the family business happen to be women and hence, every retail outlet of care4wear is led by a women. Care4wear takes immense pride in the fact that the organisation has approximately 50% women ratio, in an industry which was traditionally dominated by men.

Care4wear takes personal care of all the employees. Personal training sessions are held for all the employees as and when there are software and marketing updates.

Growth Factor

Care4wear is growing geographically since its inception. The organization started serving  the retail market through the pickup and drop model with 3 people and now has expanded to 6 stores in the suburbs on Mumbai with over 45 people working with them.

Future roadmap

Care4wear plans to go phygital I.e expand its physical presence geographically while taking the increased growth of the online market as an opportunity to grow digitally. The strong presence of the Care4wear stores should further help aid them in going digital. On an all, the firm wants more visibility and growth both in the are including online and offline.