World's Most Expensive Cameras To Capture Your Memories

3. Hasselblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera

Price: $45,000

After the launch of H4D-200MS, the Hasselblad has become the first choice camera for professional photographers. Features of H4D include medium format sensors of 50-megapixel or 60-megapixel with Hasselblad’s True Focus Absolute Position Locks, greatly enhancing auto-focus for commercial photographers. It has an astonishing resolution of 200 million pixels that allows for amazing detailed photography. A sensor is mounted into a symmetrical multi shot frame that allows sensor to be precisely positioned using piezo-electrical actuators. Thus moving the sensor and a half pixel at a time helps the camera to capture six shots at a time. The price of this camera will be approximately $45,000.

2. Susse Freres Daguerreotype Camera

Price: $978,000

Before even the launch of the stunning Leica 0-Serie Nr.107, the Susse Frères daguerreotype camera was the world’s most expensive camera. The camera is almost 173-year-old and is considered as an “attic find,” however, the ownership of the camera having been transferred privately. This camera is a rare example of the daguerreotype method and it includes a feature like oval lithographic stamp signed by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre. Currently, the camera is on exhibition at Westlicht in Vienna, Austria. The price of this camera is around $978,000.

1. Leica 0-Serie Nr.107

Price: $650,000

 Here comes the most expensive camera in the world, Leica 0-Serie Nr.107. This camera was founded in 1923 and it is often seen that Leica’s cameras never come cheap. But this is the only camera which is said to have the word “Germany” engraved on its top plate. In addition to this, the Leica 0-Serie Nr.107 is considered as the only 25 cameras in the series produced, and it was the first Leica exported to New York. The estimated price ranges between $500,000 and $650,000.

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