Top 8 Budget Smartphones to Watch Out for in 2016

BANGALORE: The flagship Smartphones are known for the new age technology and superfast processing. On the other hand, budget and mid-range Smartphones are biggest grossers in the market. Though the yesteryear flagship handsets take place of the mid-range and budget phones with same old high-end specs after being replaced with the new ones, the latest handsets targeted at the mid range and affordable buyers come with updated software updates and an attractive design too. 

However, these phones are the best buys as you don’t have to shell out too much on a Smartphone. So, here are the some of the best budget and mid-range handsets to look forward to In 2016.

Samsung A3 & A5 (2016)
Expected Launch: Late First Quarter

Samsung A3 and A5 that released this year made quite a stir in the market with its stunning build and looks. The same magic returns the next year as well, with better specs and camera. There are leaked pictures of these two handsets doing rounds on the internet. The leaked pictures suggest it resembles the current flagship Galaxy S6.
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