Google I/O 2014: Flaunt New Versions of Android

Chromebook: A personal computer operating with Linux-kernel based operating system, initially was designed to work with web applications. But this year, Google plans to showcase Chrome and Chrome OS in a broader way.  A design based on RK3288 Soc has been developed by Chipset maker Rockchip which asserts the Chromebooks on cheaper rates.
With substantial increase in the number of users, Google is working on to include Android features into the browser, Mirrored notifications, Google voice, Google Now integration are some of the features that allow users to  rely on their PC’s rather than to switch on to their cell phones each time.

HTC Volantis (Nexus 9): Thrashing the rumors about ditching Nexus brand into its premium squad- Android Silver, Google introduces its new tablet Nexus 9, aluminium zero gap construction with 8.9 inch display with 2048 X 1440 pixels resolution. Going through the estimates, the tablet is embedded with Nvidia Logan 64-bit processor with a 2 GB RAM, with a storage capacity upto 32 GB.  8 MP OIS main camera and 3 MP OIS front camera with stereo front facing speakers adds silver lining to its features.

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