Exclusive Features of the Amazon Fire Phone

BANGALORE: Amazon entered the Smartphone industry with the Fire Phone with a view to provide the best user experience. Unique features like the ‘FireFly’ and the ‘Dynamic Perspective’ makes the phone exquisite compared to others in the market. Here are some of the exclusive features on the phone as listed by the Times of India.

# Five Front Cameras: The Fire phone is the first Smartphone in the segment to come out with 5 front cameras. The one above the phone’s screen functions as a normal camera, while the others are placed on the four corners of the screen. They scan the person’s eye using the infrared technology and can even detect them in the dark. This feature is used to power the phone’s Dynamic perspective feature.  

# Dynamic Perspective: With this feature, the users can just tilt the phone to access the most common features. Tilting the phone to the left allows the user to attach photos to messages, view lyrics for a song and many more. Similarly, tilting it to the right and swiveling the phone lets you navigate through the menus and opening notifications, flashlight, and MayDay feature.

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