Top 10 Highly Fashionable Smart Wearables

BENGALURU: The growing interest towards wearable segment has created an increased demand for smartbands and smartwatches in the market. These fashionable devices are creating a buzz due to their hands-free nature and attractive features that help users track their fitness regime—be it running, cycling, swimming or gyming.

More interestingly, there are bands can actually track the sleeping patterns of the wearers. Nevertheless, most of these devices are not highly priced and available at attractive price point. Here is a list of such 10 smart wearables as reported by GizBot.  

Swarovski Shine

The users can wear this multi-colored aluminum disc called Swarovski Shine on a wrist band, pin to a lapel, hang on a pendant, or slip into a custom-made sock or t-shirt.

Tory Burch Fitbit

Fitbit along and Tory Burch have worked to build four accessories that includes the Fitbit's core that pops out of the wristband. The device holds its sensors on the core to help wearers track activity and sleep cycle.

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