Cutting Edge Smartphone from Amazon

Cutting Edge Smartphone from Amazon

By siliconindia   |   Monday, 28 April 2014, 13:06 Hrs
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Bangalore: Amazon is expected to release its first Smartphone that is touted to be having first-of-its- kind features, reports India times.

Besides the front and the back camera Amazon’s new Smartphone is said to have 4 front facing cameras which will track the retina to make some images appear in 3D. The eye tracking technology checks if the user has moved closer to the screen and automatically zooms into the image. It may also control the texts and images through the movement of the phone.

Amazon’s major Smartphone is going to be equipped with Prime data, a unique wireless data plan.

Although not much information is let out about Prime data but according to the speculations it may be like AT&T’s sponsored data plan. Under this plan, if a buyer uses a company sponsored app then the bill for the data utilization is paid by the company and not the user. This data plan facilitates the customers with an option of purchasing several songs and videos on their Smartphone’s and not worrying about the payment.

However Prime data could also be a special plan tied to the Smartphone which would give a limited amount of free access to streaming videos, TV shows and other Amazon services.