7 Cinematic Technology That Were Way Ahead Of Our Time

BANGALORE: Technology is not what makes your work easy but it is that which prepares you for the future and its endearing. Future is only a word that we often refer to, but for the movies it is another step where you can exploit the ideological technologies.

Earlier Bond movies were the ones which have amazing technologies that make us look forward to, but now there are wide set of movies where technological fanfare is increasing. Here is the list of top technological ideas from movies which if tenders reality would life a boon, unasked.


‘Just A Rather Very Intelligent System’, is its full form. Jarvis is the Artificial intelligence that Tony Stark uses for his work in creation of suits in Iron Man series. In the movie you would have noticed a voice assistant and home computing system, taking care of everything to do with the house, from heating and cooling systems to engine analysis of Stark's hot rides in the garage.
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