8 Movie Gadgets If Real, Would Sure Top Your Wish List

8 Movie Gadgets If Real, Would Sure Top Your Wish List

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 11 May 2015, 12:15 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Super hero movies or bond movies, audience are always eager to watch them compared to others as they have some of the coolest gadgets involved. These gadgets are not the normal ones we use, but each has a super specific purpose to it, reports TOI.

Whether it is Clark Kent’s spectacles or the babel fish from the Hitchiker’s movies, each of them has a hidden power. Here are some gadgets that were cool enough to have a discussion on them and the reason behind their being.

Superman Alter Ego Clark Kent’s Spectacles

Highly unlikely to be a gadget as the spectacles look ordinary and they do no special function for Clark Kent. But does Superman actually need specs besides having brilliant eyesight? So, the specs do have a special function.

 The Clark Kent’s spectacles are made from the material from his spacecraft to shy his deadly heat vision harming the people and also to camouflage his identity from the world (as we can believe that).
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