What Albert Einstein Wants To Teach You About Investing?

Bangalore: Only a person from the caves will not know the name Albert Einstein, he is the man who found out the reason why we are able to stick to the surface of the earth. What many of you do not know is Einstein invested most of his Nobel Prize money won in 1921 into stocks. Unfortunately he was not as good with stocks and market conditions as he was with physics and lost a bulk of it in the stock market crash in 1929.

Well Einstein cannot be blamed entirely as the study of the stock market and finances were not so prominent in that era. But now time has changed and so has changed the market trends and situations and conditions. Being updated about the current affairs and knowing all the aspects of becoming a successful investor are very much essential.

Here are 5 tips which Albert Einstein would suggest you to follow to become a successful Investor.

1. Blow the Whistle

Successful investing is a trip, and you need to prepare yourself for the trip in every possible. Whenever you decide that you want to go on a trip, you need to decide your destination. Similarly, in investing also if you have decided to invest your money, first you need to make sure which investment tool you need and will be appropriate according to your assets and liabilities.

For instance, are you are thinking to retire in 20 years at age 55? How much money will you need to do this? You must first ask these questions.

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