Want To Get Rich? Invest In These 5 Stocks

BANGALORE: Budget-2014, many big companies have been in news, some of them been advantageous. But budget has a lot to offer to smaller companies too. The market reports state that many of the small companies whose stocks are reaching heights, soon after the budget proposals.

Enlisting you with 5 companies that gain from the Budget-2014:

1. Bharati Shipyard

Budget 2014 has put much importance on spending more on ships for the army and development of coastal harbours. FM focused on formation of new ship-building policy, which could benefit private shipbuilders like Bharati Shipyard, one of the finest shipbuilding companies in India.

India is a major maritime country, having a coastline of 7515 Km and 1197 islands, thus government trusts the business capabilities of Bharti in this sector.

Bharti‘s business has shrunk for the past two years and resulting in losses company seeks a corporate debt restructuring from its lenders.


National Buildings Construction Corporation is a central public sector undertaking involved in trade publicly in the market for different types of civil works and management. As it’s largely governed by the government, expected to get much bigger orders, at least 4-times to what it got in FY14, an order of 16,000 crore.

NBCC is expected to present 13 real estate projects over the course of 2 years, while it is already undertaking 6 projects. With this much work in hand; company is likely to generate a lot of ransom.

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