Soar to New Heights with Insured Travel

Soar to New Heights with Insured Travel

One might say that an investment in tourism, never fails to make one richer. Since time immemorial, travel and tourism being a known affair in human life boosts mood and increases overall happiness, it is one of the best ways to escape from daily routine and discover new places and feel more alive with more content. However, one can avail the utmost benefit of a trip only when it is well planned as unplanned trips may leave an equally negative impact. Imagine of getting sick in a foreign country while travelling overseas, it is more than a nightmare for not only new but any frequent traveller. As it not only derail travel plans, but also create financial hardship, depending on the gravity of the illness and cost of treatment. Additionally, effects negatively to the physically health and mental health of a traveller for an uncertain period, which hampers the traveller’s will to travel further.

Travel Smart, Travel Insured

Becoming unwell while travelling for an exciting trip in a destined country can be frightening and may empty the pockets of the travellers, so it is best to be prepared before leaving homes. Taking a global health insurance can be helpful here. It can minimize inconvenience and distress while traveling. While some travel insures provides cover for permanent disability/death during the time of travel, loss of personal belongings, baggages, passport, and expenses related to trip delays and trip cancellations, however, it may be a smart option especially for those who travels abroad frequently – to take cover against sickness which may even lead to hospitalization in a foreign country.*

Soar to New Heights with Insured Travel

In the year-ending holiday season many plans overseas vacations with families along with their checklist. However, one of the key items on travel checklist should be travel health insurance. It is beyond important because it provides financial protection and medical coverage in case of getting sick or injured while traveling. There is always a chance that food or weather or the mode of vehicles can cause some form of sickness or the other, for which one have to pay for any medical treatment or hospitalization themselves, which can prove to be really expensive and may hamper savings. In addition to the financial costs, not having travel medical insurance can also be stressful and worrying, especially if one is on a foreign trip and don’t know how to access medical care. This can leave the traveler vulnerable to a wide range of financial losses and difficulties. To safeguard travelers from such headaches and let them enjoy the trip rather than breaking heads over poor health, global health insurance comes into the play and provides medical coverage against emergency and planned health expenses incurred anywhere. It also covers the cost of medical treatments taken within India as well as abroad. Let’s find out some of the unique features of Global Health Insurance*


Global health insurance plans provide sufficient coverage to secure traveler’s medical expenses in a foreign country. Thus, travelers can focus on recovering from the illness without worrying about the financial conditions.*

Cover for Diagnostic Tests

To identify the health issue in a convenient manner, the doctor shall prescribe specific diagnostic tests. Because of high-tech and advanced medical equipment that too in a more expensive and developed country, such tests can easily burn through your savings without coverage. However, one can be out of worries with a global health cover.*

Room Charges

There are many health insurance companies exists who covers room charges incurred during hospitalization. This comprehensive coverage not only ensures security against events that require to be admitted to a hospital but also save lives in acute emergencies.*

Medical Evacuation

In case of unfortunate severe accidents which require an air ambulance to take the patient back home can proved to be heavy in one’s pocket. However, global health insurance planscome handy here as they protect travelers against the cost incurred due to medical evacuation overseas without hassles.*

OPD Charges

When it comes to minor injuries or ailment that does not require hospitalization, travelers opt for OPD treatment. As medical expenses abroad can be quite high, an insurance plan comes with OPD charges included.*

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

The global health insurance policy also covers the expenses of repatriating the mortal remains of the policyholder or traveler in case of their unfortunate demise overseas.*


Having a healthcare backup while travelling overseas is a must no matter how healthy a person is as potential health risks are always a cause for concern back home as well. Also, the weather conditions of a newly travelled place and other such factors can play a vital role in developing a health condition. This is why you require sufficient insurance coverage that can cover planned treatment and emergency hospitalization. Hence, to avoid hospitalization expenses while abroad, it is a smart choice to go through the best global health insurance plan.*

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